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“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few.”

I’m honored you’re here to join me in this space of pet loss and grief. Throughout my journey as founder of Pet Angel Memorial Center and co-founder of The Pet Loss Center, the learning has been overwhelming and continues every day. Hearing every day what loving pet parents need in the death of their beloved fur-friend, as well as what veterinary professionals are desiring in walking with pet parents in a pet’s end-of-life journey.

Let’s do this together. Let’s support each other, and let’s come together to heal and honor those special pets who have been a part of our world. Their life, and their death, will rock our world. Let’s get through this together.

I’m here for you..

A Companion For Your Journey

Memorial Wall

Whether a tribute, a farewell letter, a final goodbye or shared memories among friends and family, our Pet Memorial section is dedicated to those that have given us their unconditional love and devotion. We invite you to visit this section, and pay tribute to your beloved companion(s). We thank you for sharing their story with us.


You touched my heart and opened it with you Fiesty, funny, tough guy Mister Cool style. We bonded and got each other,a rare gift in this life. Thank you for allowing me to love you and lift you up along your journey.

Kate Glenn
JAN 01,2005-NOV 19,2021


Ziba, my baby girl, I wish we were still together and I could caress you behind your ear and sing to you, shower you with your toys and show my love. Thank you for being my baby, and my best friend, and of course, partner in crime. I’ll always remember… Read more “Ziba”

Yasmine Moayedi
July 4, 2010 - June 4, 2021


Dear Bailey, miss you so much

Linda Self
May 12 2021

What our Clients are Saying


The Perfect Urn for the World’s Most Rotten Dog

The Perfect Urn for the World’s Most Rotten Dog

Sometimes people get really confused as to how to buy an urn for their beautiful creature! I, on the other hand, look at almost anything and can see not an urn, but a vessel for permanent memorialization. Follow me here with not only some of my decisions, as well as...

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Podcast Guesting

Super U Podcast
Pet Loss, Mentors, and Tips for Public Speaking Success.

Erik sits down with author, mentor, entrepreneur and international speaker Collen Ellis to discuss pet loss and the pet loss industry, public speaking, mentors, and tips for success.

Pet Parents

For every pet parent, the death of a beloved pet is faced with so many emotions. What did I miss? Why did this happen? What will I do without this precious love in my life?

Mix all of that with the fact that there are some people who do not understand the deep grief associated with this type of loss. For so many pet lovers, pets are truly family members and the hole left in one's heart and home cuts deep.
We're here, A Companion For Your Journey. For every pet care professional and loving pet parent, we are YOUR trusted resource. We're here to walk with you and to be of support in a variety of ways:

  • Writing and journaling the memories shared with your pet is a part of the active mourning, and healing process. Post a memorial tribute, telling the world about the life you shared with a special love.
  • Questions about your pet's end-of-life options. Everything you'll want to know about the entire end-of-life walk, from pet hospice to burial and cremation. Know the choices that are right for you and right for your pet.
  • Brochures and other printed resources, designed for the unique grief of losing a beloved pet.
  • Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, joining other pet lovers who are also experiencing the death of a beloved pet. What are you thinking and feeling, and how can we help each other through the darkness and into the light of the grief walk.

After all, "when I invite others into my grief, I heal."


Get in Touch With Coleen!

If you need assistance with the final arrangements and cremation for a beloved pet, please call Fond Memories at 817.431.PAWS

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