2018 Pet Loss Grief & Companioning Certification

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If you are looking for pet loss services in the Texas or Florida area, please go to www.ThePetLossCenter.com

A Message From Coleen Ellis, Founder

The death of a beloved pet is an emotional paradox.  For many pet parents, they are desperately seeking someone to help them through the myriad of options that are available to them. Someone to help guide them in an area where they “don´t know what they don´t know” as far as what they can do to pay tribute to their precious pet. Whether it be pet funeral options, pet memorialization ideas, or pet grief support, a grieving pet parent wants to know that they can turn to a pet loss professional to help them in their grief journey.

It is also an area where veterinarians are seeking information.  They are looking to pet death care organizations to help them in their quest for being more versed in the area of pet loss and pet grief.  From pet grief educational seminars to being a resource to them for their families, pet care professionals know that showing a family that they care about them is key to their service levels. For those that are wanting more information on how to assist families in your community with dignified and respectful death care services, let us consult with you.  In the Pet Care Professional section, you will learn of the various services that Two Hearts Pet Loss Center can assist you with in your business.

As a Pet Care Professional, you will want the information for your families on how to assist them in their grief journey.  Learn about these educational services in our Grief Education information area. As a pet care professional, you have come to the right place to get the information that you need in helping your pet parents in their grief journey.

Coleen Ellis
Founder | Certified in Thanatology


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