Rest Well, Baby Girl
March 19, 1989 – April 21, 2003

Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

“Until one has loved an animal a part of their soul remains unawakened.” 

These beautiful animals who are a part of our life story rock our world while they’re with us as well as when they die. For those of us who have been blessed to have a bond like no other with a precious pet, our hearts are full until they’re shattered.

Whether you’re a veterinarian, a veterinary technician, any other pet care professional or just a loving pet parent looking for a safe place to be, it’s here. A place to share your story of pet loss and grief, a place to get the learning you need to help those pet lovers who are bereaved, or a place to find the perfect pet loss resouces to read or listen to. This is your home.

Let’s do this together. Let’s support each other, and let’s come together to heal and honor those special pets who have been a part of our world. Their life, and their death, will rock our world. Let’s get through this together.

I’m here for you..

A Companion For Your Journey


  • Children and Grief
  • Pet Parent in Grief
  • Helping a Friend in Grief
  • Memorialization Options
  • Understanding Euthanasia
  • Pets & Grief
  • Guide To Planning Ahead – FREE for everyone

You will receive files suitable for desktop printers and small print jobs, as well as files for large print houses.

Memorial Wall

Whether a tribute, a farewell letter, a final goodbye or a place to share your memories, I can’t wait to hear your story. This page is for YOU. Tell the world about your special pet, this pet who will forever have their name on a chapter in your life story. Tell me about that love so together we can all honor you and honor them.


My sweet soul dog Baxter. Aka: Mr. Sassy Pants. You started out as my first foster dog. But quickly became my whole world. I miss you so much it hurts. But it’s better that I hurt, than you. So I had to let you go. I’ll forever love you and… Read more “Baxter”

Myra Ellison
December 3, 2008 - December 3, 2023


My beautiful brave warrior Nena. You were my only friend, my confidant, my strength. You loved me in spite of my flaws. No matter how hard life got you were right by my side. I miss your face, your smell, your fur which went the wrong way on your shoulders.… Read more “Nena”

Louise Martin


Freya, my beloved golden girl. You were the light of my life, my beautiful singing star, your abundant joy and your love of life will never be forgotten. The love in your eyes when you looked at me is something I’ll never see again and that hurts so bad. I… Read more “Freya”

Amelia Lafferty
August 1, 2017-July 23, 2022


Tips for Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

Tips for Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

Your pet is like a member of your family. They're by your side through thick and thin, bringing you comfort and amusement. Losing your four-legged friend can be extremely difficult for the whole family, kids and adults alike. According to Harvard, research even...

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5 Ways to Find Peace After Losing a Pet

5 Ways to Find Peace After Losing a Pet

Occasionally I received guest blogs from others wanting to share their heart regarding the death of a precious pet. Thank you Camille for bringing this one to me. A bit about Camille… Camille created Bereaver (bereaver.com) after she went through the ups and downs of...

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The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication

It happened yet again. And it broke my heart for both parties. I saw a rant on one of the local next-door apps from a family regarding their “awful service” from a local veterinary clinic. While I was reading the rant about unnecessary charges and lack of...

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