By Coleen Ellis

Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification Course

 July 22, 2013   Grief Support

Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification Course

Are you ready to learn more to help grieving pet parents?

The course continues to get rave reviews from those that attend!  From comments such as “it was healing for myself to understand pet loss more” to “I loved being with others that make their mission helping grieving pet parents,” the course is amazingly robust with learning, sharing, and hearing what others do to further their work in pet loss companioning.

Won’t you join us?  I know you will walk away from the course energized!  Click the link above to see the agenda and to register.  Trust me, I know your pet parents will thank you!

  1. Linda Holway

    I am looking to be certified in the area of Pet Bereavement. I have done a number of human grief and bereavement programs during my 45 years of being a Licensed Social Worker. I did run a group for pet people at Angle Memorial Hospital in Boston MA years ago and at Countryside Vet Hospital in Chelmsford, MA I worked with those having to make the decision to take that last journey and helped those on the day of by being present, and being available to people privately. I want to have a serious certification. I am a Dog Trainer and Certified the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and an Evaluator for AKC, CGC program. Please let me know what you are requiring, the cost and the certification and anything else. Thank you.

  2. Melisa Kehlmann

    Hi. I am currently enrolled in your Pet Loss & Grief Comapnioning Certification course through e-training for Dogs online. I am excited to be able to help those that need guidance and an ear when needed most. I am hoping that I have access to what you have to offer through your website as well as through my courses online. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Judith Stonger


    I am interested in additional information on your Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification Course. I was referred to you by Kathryn Jennings who has been a great support to me. Your story of sweet Mico reminds me of my dear Abby girl. Reading about little Mico was truly precious.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Deborah Schmiedl

    Coleen, Hi there. When you can. Please inform me of WHEN you next Certification Course will be? And where it will take place? Thanks so much!

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