Ah, the beauty and joy of a new puppy in the house! After the death of two furry-loves in less than 6 months, I wasn’t sure I could do this again, but alas here we are!

So, it happened! I have become addicted to the personality and spirit of a Flat-coated retriever, so I started the search to rescue one. It was quite the process, but the sun, moon and stars aligned, and I know the perfect boy has joined our family! Meet H. Albert Ellis-Burke! He’s a love, and he’s such an Albert!

As we were making our way through the adoption and finalizing of the process, a thousand things were going through my head. Not sure if everyone else does this, but I automatically put a mortality chart on the animal to do a quick flash-forward on how old I’ll be when “that day” comes. Not sure why I do that as it doesn’t change anything on my thoughts to adopt, or not to adopt. I suppose it’s just to see at what age I’ll be, and what MIGHT be happening in my life. I guess it’s just a data point.

But, it’s an exciting time right now. Albert is exploring his new home, and getting to know his new siblings, who are absolutely furious with me right now. They have no use for a puppy, and especially a rambunctious one! But I’m confident this too shall pass, and we will get closer and closer to one day we’ll look back and say, “remember when they all hated each other and now look at them.” God, I’m hoping for that day!

The other thing that I think about right now is a beautiful story, A Living Love. I just love how this so beautifully and eloquently yet simply and powerfully walks through the life of an animal in a loving home… you need to read it too. You can read it right here!

Here’s to an amazing chapter in our life that will forever be known as H. Albert Ellis-Burke!

Welcome home, Albert!