When we put Crisco to sleep on October 1, Chris and I talked and reflected on the fact that this was the end of a major chapter of our life together. He was our first dog together. He “welcomed” Ellie into our home, as well as Rudy and Harry. (Welcome is used loosely… I can assure you he NEVER wanted to be anything but an only dog! We could literally hear him grumble every time a new little love joined our home, but he would eventually settle in begrudgingly!)

But, it was a really significant and deep reflection for us… he was with us through so many things from the start of Pet Angel, his numerous appearances in the Indy Star and various news stations, not to mention is debut as an actor for the Hoosier Lottery with Jack Pott (hysterical, by the way!), and then a major move to Dallas. Ah, the memories…

So, when we made the decision we were ready to have a sister for our big love, Albert, we certainly didn’t take the thought process lightly. For instance, do you do this? One of the first things I did was calculate how old I’ll be should we be so blessed to have a new love live as long as Crisco, 16 ½ years. Eek. Seriously?! How can THAT be possible with THAT number?

I knew what I wanted… for quite some time I’d told Chris that when the time was right, I wanted a little fluffy white doggie girl, one that I could doll up with clothes, tutu’s and jewelry, and who could get tucked in a bedazzled travel bag and go on adventures with me. I could see her! I knew exactly what she would look like…

What I didn’t know is the flood of emotions we would have when that day came to fruition. I searched and searched and searched, and finally found her on Pet Finder. She was PERFECT and looked just like I’d dreamed of! And, for anyone who has gone through the adoption process on Pet Finder, it IS quite the process! But, we prevailed, and she was ours!

She came home and was even more than we could imagine. As it was the holidays, she was immediately thrust into a trip to Kansas to hold her own in my brother’s houseful of dogs. She was fearless and accepting. She went on her first plane ride, and was a trooper in maneuvering TSA, tons of petting from other travelers, and looking so damn cute in her tutu and bow!

The New Year has settled in, and I don’t remember a day when she wasn’t here. Her and Albert love each other… Rudy is not as amused. She’s claimed “her” toys, and she has been quick to teach us her various barks and what those particular voices mean, from frustration to happiness to all five pounds of her and her guard dog bark!

This has become a new way of remembering Crisco… Beulah has some traits that are EXACTLY like Crisco’s and we smile and comment when we see those. She’s sassy like he was, she makes a bed like he used to, occasionally her bark sounds like his. She’s her own girl, for sure, but we love commenting and remembering those days over sixteen years ago with Crisco. It truly makes us smile.

We’re in love, and our hearts are full. No one’s been replaced, no one’s being forgotten. Much to the contrary. We start a new chapter BECAUSE of all of them and what we know they bring to our lives and our being. So, for Mico, Mike the Dog, Ellie, Harry and Crisco… thank you. Thank you for showing us what love is and knowing that we will continue to give that to others in your honor.

Meet Beulah… Happy New Year. Here’s to new beginnings, new loves, and a new chapter.


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