The Birth of a New Love
She was only a year and a half old and had been in the shelter for almost a year, joining the other homeless pets there as a stray. She quickly became a staff favorite with her darling little personality. Moreover, while she did not hate living at the Humane Society of Indianapolis with all of her little kitty friends, it was her forever home that she kept hoping for. A home that she could run and play in, a home that had sunbeams she could lie in, and a home with a family that would love her.

And, then it happened! One day her cute little face, with the little gray spot resembling a “mole,” caught a young woman´s eye. Well, really, maybe it was not her face – maybe it was her expressive and pleading little kitty eyes that actually told the story. Nonetheless, – she had been spotted – and her life was soon going to change!

Oh, goodness me! It was truly love at first sight! Nevertheless, like any love that is new in its relationship – she had to figure out her new mommy and her new mommy had to figure out what was important to her new little kitty! But, love it was!

Life changed – and moved into complete and utter bliss! Molly soon developed what her Mommy calls “Miss Molly Attitude” and quickly began to make herself right at home with her new family. Every day the love grows – and every day there are more stories of what adventure has happened that day. The biggest event making news right now – the 4:30 am wake up calls for her Mommy by Molly having fun with the plastic bags in the trash cans! We all know that the most fun toys are those that cost us nothing! Ah – the joy!

Thank you, my beautiful sweet stepdaughter, for opening your heart to this love! Your life will forever be changed with Molly as your little girl. She will see your physical and career moves, be a part of the next phase of your life and those relationships, see you get married, have children – and will be a part of some of the most exciting things to happen in your life! This will truly be a precious chapter in this awesome story known as “Amy´s Life!” I love you, Amy and Miss Molly!

A New Chapter Begins