While she died eight years ago, I still remember her birthday like it was yesterday.

Saturday, March 19th. A day that I will forever remember as “Mico´s birthday.” Oh yea,… I don´t know if that´s the exact date but through some simple math given what the Humane Society told me on her age when I adopted her, this seemed like the perfect day. For this perfect little puppy, it WAS the perfect day.
As this day rolls around every year, I get very melancholy as I remember when I “picked” that day. I had to pick it quickly because I had to put something on the “adoption” notices that I sent out! What else was more appropriate to announce this new love in my life than an announcement! So, I picked the date, sent the announcement – and our journey began!
Now, some many years later – I still celebrate the beginning of “her” and the journey that we would embark upon together. The journey not only during her lifetime but what she meant in the mission of my lifetime work. But, all in all, it was what I learned from her,..
* I learned not to be afraid – everything needed to be “sniffed” out before a judgment could be made.
* Life is an adventure – let´s pack a bag and go enjoy it.
* People are good – even though they start out as strangers it´s only a matter of time before love blooms.
* And, most importantly, unconditional love and forgiveness.
Today, Mico – I celebrate you. I celebrate the life that we shared together. I celebrate a life that changed mine. Forever.
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

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