Anthropomorphism” are we guilty

Is this you? I know it´s me!
I learned a new word this week – “anthropomorphism” – attributing human characteristics to animals. Well, yes, that´s me! And, I´m proud of it. However, while some people think that this is nuts – I´m wondering if the animals are insulted by it,…
After all, isn´t it the animals who are the unselfish ones? The ones who know only giving and unconditional love? The ones who´s mere happiness depends on us – and making us happy? Aren´t they the ones who never say a harsh word? Who never show hate? Who never intentionally hurt others? Yes, I´m guessing that they are incredibly insulted.
In fact – I would love to know the word that attributes animals characteristics to humans. A world where man could show only love – not hate. A world where there was no abuse. A world where everyone existed together, as a part of a pack that only knows how to take care of each other.
Yes, I think that I would rather have those attributes and be labeled with that word. The attributes of only good and love. Count me in.

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