The holidays are hard,… how are you helping your families?

The holidays are upon us,.. and for those of us that are facing the first holiday season without a beloved pet, this beautiful season is also laced with sadness.  I´m one of those pet parents,… My precious Golden Retriever, Mike the Dog, died a few months ago and I am facing one of those “firsts.”  Our first holiday without Mike the Dog – the first holiday where I don´t get to buy the big special bone that he liked, or the box of treats that were special for “Big Dogs.”  Yes, one of those highly charged and emotional events in the “year of firsts.”
As a pet loss professional, this is a perfect time of year to be a companion to families that are wanting an outlet to “remember” their special pet at this time of year.  A time when they are remembering and want to pay tribute to this life that was shared.  It´s the perfect time of year as a companion to:

Host a holiday ceremony to honor the pets
Provide a holiday ornament for families – have them come by your Pet Memorial Center to retrieve their ornament and share in a cup of hot tea with you.
Provide an opportunity for families to come by your Pet Memorial Center to light a candle in honor of their pet.
Have an open house for families – to come and support others that have experienced the loss of their pets too.
Send a card to families – to let them know you are thinking of them at this time if they need some extra support.

Be a companion to your families during the holidays.  Families WANT to honor their pets – give them the outlet to do this.


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