Before COVID-19 changed our lives, my busy travel and teach-ing schedule had me hopping. Most mornings after I woke up, I went straight to work. I had a love-hate relationship with the adrenaline of stress and was a slave to emails, itineraries, deadlines and flight schedules. Now I’m in limbo. With most of my presentations postponed or canceled, I’m home. I have time to linger over my morning cup of coffee. I have time to breathe and to think. I have time to marvel at the sunrise.

More and more, what I’ve found myself thinking about is grat-itude. I’m feeling so grateful for my life these days that I’m of-ten awash in the warm fuzziness of appreciation. The feeling sneaks up on me when I’m having an inconsequential chat with my wife or puttering around in the kitchen. It blooms when I gaze out the window or think about my new grandson.


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