Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance. Autumn  passes and one remembers one’s reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance. –Yoko Ono

As we bid Old Man Winter “adios,” the innocence and freshness of Spring does seem to be lurking close by. This time of year that can truly represent the innocence and mystery of a desired change to replace the Winter’s dreary dark and cold with warmth and light. A powerful fist pump for the strength needed to put one’s face to the sun and shout “let’s do this!

It’s been an honor to walk with you and share in the love, and loss, of our precious pets. To share the journey only pet lovers know and “get.” I also hope I’ve brought to you a bit of light and love in honoring these amazing creatures when they die, and giving you permission to honor them, to celebrate them, and to grieve for them in the way that’s right for you.

With Spring right around the corner, and this beautiful time of year for a fresh beginning, I love reflecting on the place our pet family members share in our world. As I contemplate everything they represent, it seemed to me a bit of a thank you was appropriate. Do you mind if I speak for all of us with these sentiments?

• Thank you for loving and loving so fully. Even if your beginning wasn’t stellar, you still possess the capacity to love  unconditionally.

• Thank you for showing us forgiveness. Even when we lose our temper, you don’t hold grudges. Not to mention what may  have happened in the beginning of your life, you still forgive. We can learn a lot from you in that area.

• Thank you for finding beauty and fun in everything. The walk we’ve done countless times is still filled with awe and wonder
for you as if it were the first time we’ve ever been down that path. We need to learn to do that as people, our world, and
life in general is so full of beauty.

• Thank you for living in the moment. We want to be like you and learn that trait. Thanks for letting us practice with you.

• Thank you for showing us the power of communicating and connecting is really silence. Just being with you is a reminder of that.

• Thank you for showing us patience. When our world is quick with an opinion and a sharp tongue, you just take in the moment. We need to practice more of that.

• And, lastly, thank you for letting us be in your world. If you’re still here, we have so many lessons to learn from you. If you’ve already gone on your journey and are waiting at Rainbow Bridge, thank you for letting us spend a few minutes here and be reminded it was real.

For that, we celebrate!


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