It would have been on Sunday, sixteen years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long, even though some days it seems like a lifetime ago, while other days it feels like yesterday.

Sixteen years ago, my life, my journey, my world, the start of executing a mission began. While it all started because of a horrible, rockin’ event in my world, the loss of my beautiful, precious Mico, I am so thankful for what she was in my world, and for the strength she still gives me today to do what I do. All for her.

As I was contemplating her from all those years ago, I brought it all into the “today.” I wondered “would she like our world right now?” Would she like Crisco? Hell no. Not even a little bit! Would she have liked Ellie? Of course! Everyone loved Ellie! How about Rudy? Meh. Not sure on that one… I think they possibly would tolerate each other. Harry? Would she have liked Harry? I think so. I know Harry would have loved her, as Harry loved everyone! How about Albert? That’s an absolute “hell no” too! She would have no use for a rambunctious, ill-mannered pup. She was way too refined for that!

She was such a little spirit, and every year that passes my memories of her fade a bit more. I miss her little antics: killing her kibble food (EVERYTIME!) before she ate it, scrunching up her body when she’d get excited, fluffing up a pillow for the perfect bed… and so much more. The memories are fading a bit, but I treasure the ones that are lingering on for hopefully eternity.

My tears are further and further in between for her. I have my moments where it still slaps me in the face that I miss her. But then it’s so easy to smile. For in the powerful words of Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

RIP, Mico. RIP. Mommy misses you and will forever love you.

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