It´s at this time of year that my heart is happy and heavy, both at the same time, as I remember my “journey” with Mico.   You see, it was 20 years ago on March 21, 1989, that my little Mico came into this world.  And, it will be six years ago on today, April 21, 2009, that she left her ´humanly´ existence and went to the Bridge to wait.  And, yet, all of that seems like just yesterday.
But, I can tell you that while my heart still becomes heavy on this very day-I still remember distinctly every bit of joy that she brought to me.  And, just like I´ve shared with many of you, we all know the outcome in this world , but we wouldn´t have changed one minute  of happiness that we had with our babies.
As the singer, Garth Brooks, eloquently says in his song The Dance,
“Our lives are better left to chance,
I could have missed the pain
But I´d of had to miss the dance.”

Thank you for our beautiful dance together, Mico!
Thank you, for making me laugh. I remember how you used to scrunch your little body up when you´d get excited-and you´d wiggle!  Oh, how you´d wiggle with excitement!  Especially when you´d  see me, Your Mommy!  I laughed every time!
Thank you for all of the stories.  Remember when Uncle Chris had to organize the local children to find you because he forgot to watch you oh-so-closely!  And, lo and behold, you had already been picked up by the police and was holding “court” at the police station!  They loved you  and wanted you to stay!
Thank you for helping me to know unconditional love.  Oh, how empty  hearts must be that don´t know that kind of love.  Fur babies like you break hearts only one time.  And, I knew that the day that it happened, it would change my life forever.
Thank you for showing me that souls that feel abandoned and helpless (just like you were when I found you in that aquarium at the Humane Society in Kansas!) are souls that are special.  They are souls that have so much to give to the world if someone would just allow them to do that.   Souls that are like yours, and souls that are like mine.  We all need each other,…
Ellie Mae, Crisco and Mike The Dog hear about you every day,…..  You will always be My Little Baby Girl.
And, one last thank you.  For being my pet angel and for crawling into my heart – here at Two Hearts.  I gave mine to you years ago and I know that I was in yours.  Thanks, for helping me – help them.  You will forever be My Little Baby Girl.


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