Coaching & Business Companioning



2h.dogWhether you are new to the death care business or it is your first experience, the day-to-day operations in dealing with grieving pet parents are different from any other type of death care process.  The Coaching & Business Companioning menu item of the Consulting Platform will provide support in understanding every area that you will encounter.  From the business elements of the operation to the moral support that an entrepreneur craves, Two Hearts will be your companion through it all.

When you don´t know where else to turn for delivering your value offerings of your service, Two Hearts will share with you their experience and valuable tips.
Who should you network with in the community to make sure that all pets and families, regardless of economic status, will receive the dignity and respect that they so desire for themselves and their pets in death.
How do you draw attention to your services through the media?

Each day will bring a new and different challenge.  Having a mentor and coach to guide you through these challenges and turn them into opportunities will quickly move your organization through the path to profitability.  A mentor and guide to be there for you when the days are long, with a reminder of the emotional reward of helping those that love their furry friends.

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