Consulting Platform Selections

Our Consulting Platform consists of a variety of programs to fit any individual situation, from start up operations to those who desire to expand their current business model.  The various programs are:

[accordion style=”normal” open=”yes”][accordion_toggle title=”$1250 – One-Day Situation Assessment“]

Round out business plans and financing case and/or Critique and expand on existing business plan
Go to market emphasis: B2B?  B2C? Both?

      Competitive analysis
      Customer Relationship Management best practices
      Define your desired objectives for your pet death care program
      A review of current site location and/or critique current of program
      Pet death care industry – strategic overview
      Business planning fundamentals for start up or phase II.

Travel and hotel to be paid by Client
$1250 credited to the Initial Implementation and Coaching Program and the Advanced Coaching Program if the client desires more in-depth consulting.


[accordion style=”normal” open=”yes”][accordion_toggle title=”$6995 – Initial Implementation and Coaching Program“]

Implementation and best practice coaching for Pet Death Care Program plus One full week of on-site training

Includes the Two Hearts Pet Loss Center Best Practices & Coaching Journal, an all inclusive and comprehensive guide with helpful hints, scripts, and other information needed to operate the day-to-day tasks of a pet death care organization

One full week of on site training
Sales Calls to Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians

      How to make a cold call – and then develop an ongoing relationship with a clinic
      Techniques on making a successful presentation to the Decision Maker
      Guidance on the “Lunch and Learn” technique to orient and train the staff
      Sales coaching with preneed staff
      How to cross-market leads – from a pet lead to a preneed and from a preneed to a pet lead
      Death calls
      What clinics and grieving families expect and value
      How to conduct quality home removals and build relationships with families
      Working with grieving families
      Understanding the grief process
      Keys to successful after care programs
      How to conduct a Pet Loss Support program

Marketing strategy

      Will you market:  B2B or B2C, or both – what does the competitive landscape indicate?
      How does your marketing strategy differ now?
      Leveraging free marketing opportunities
      What else can your organization do to market your value offerings?

Merchandise and Inventory Best Practices

      Display and merchandising best practices
      Arranging for impact – satisfaction and profitability
      Review of goals and strategies quarterly to determine what changes need to be made

Travel and hotel expenses paid by Client


[accordion style=”normal” open=”yes”][accordion_toggle title=”$9995 Advanced Implementation and Coaching “]

Initial program implementation and coaching (above) plus Another full week of on-site training, timing to be determined at end of initial coaching phase:

Includes a one-day workshop, marketed as sponsored by Client, for local veterinary professionals – complete with continuing education credit for attendees:

Presented by Coleen Ellis and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center 
Marketing of the con-ed program to be determined by Client and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Travel and hotel expenses paid by Client

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