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Professional and quality-driven pet death care is quickly becoming a much-requested service in communities across the United States and Canada.  It is an area where professionals are receiving significant reward in serving and one that Two Hearts Pet Loss Center is anxious to share the intricacies of this wonderful service with others.

After 18 years of service in the human funeral business, and the death of my beautiful little schnauzer mix, Mico, it became clear that there was such a need within the pet side of death care.  It was then and there that I made a vow to create an organization that would give the pets the dignity and respect in death that they deserved.

While I had the experience in the human side of the funeral business, it quickly became clear to me that pet parents were really looking for different services.  Some traditional – some non-traditional, types of services.  With much testing and trial and error, we finally learned what pet parents want during this very emotionally charged time.  And, when we did learn what pet parents and veterinarians alike were looking for, it generated a lot of attention for us nationally and internationally.

As Founder of Pet Angel Memorial Center, and most recently Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, the world-wide press that has been generated is stunning and clearly shows people´s love for their pets.  Love that spans through the life and over into the death of their beloved.  Love that families will want acknowledged after the death of their pet through the services that they want for themselves and their pet´s final arrangements.

Individuals across the nation are reaching out to Two Hearts daily to learn about the details of offering these same kinds of services to their communities.  While they know that they, too, want to provide these services, they are truly perplexed about this market – and how to serve it correctly.  Questions such as:

How do I market effectively a pet funeral home and its services?
What are the best business practices?
How do “pet-parents” and veterinarians want to be treated?

After years of constant business growth, high levels of consumer and vet satisfaction, and awards from my community for my efforts in the pet death care area – I know that I have a model and program that works.  Being an entrepreneur – and opening Pet Angel Memorial Center, the first pet funeral home in the United States, I wish that I would have known then what I know now.  My consulting services will help others through the myriad of questions and issues, such as:

How to avoid costly mistakes associated with start up in this business.
Where should you effectively purchase and merchandise your selections to maximize profits.
I want to increase the business ramp up to compress start up cash flow drain.
Much more, …

Contact us to discuss your interest in the pet death care industry and an extremely rewarding career of helping others.

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