Consulting Platform Selections



Our Consulting Platform consists of a variety of programs to fit any individual situation, from start up operations to those who desire to expand their current business model.  The various programs are:

Round out business plans and financing case and/or Critique and expand on existing business plan
Go to market emphasis: B2B?  B2C? Both?

Competitive analysis
Customer Relationship Management best practices
Define your desired objectives for your pet death care program
A review of current site location and/or critique current of program
Pet death care industry – strategic overview
Business planning fundamentals for start up or phase II.
Travel and hotel to be paid by Client
$1250 credited to the Initial Implementation and Coaching Program and the Advanced Coaching Program if the client desires more in-depth consulting.

Initial program implementation and coaching (above) plus Another full week of on-site training, timing to be determined at end of initial coaching phase:

Includes a one-day workshop, marketed as sponsored by Client, for local veterinary professionals – complete with continuing education credit for attendees:

Presented by Coleen Ellis and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center 
Marketing of the con-ed program to be determined by Client and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Travel and hotel expenses paid by Client

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