Creating Memories

What to do today to create memories for tomorrow

Today´s technology makes it so much easier to secure “memories!” As I look back on the life that I shared with Mico – I am so grateful for the photos! But, I miss the fact that I did not have an imprint of her little nose. Did you know that an animal´s nose print is like our thumb print? All noses are unique and depict the individuality of each pet! Gosh, how many times did that cold little nose nudge me – to be held, to be petted, to be comforted,…. And, how about a video? One that not only shows your pet in action but one where you can catch that darling little bark? Or that persistent little meow! Or the fact that when Mico was feisty and wanted something, and certainly to get my attention, the barks came in a series of three! Everytime – without fail!
Yes, in her death, I am thankful that I have the memories. And, almost seven years later, I can close my eyes and still hear those three little barks. But to have had those recorded forever and ever, oh my,…
Yes, Mike The Dog, Ellie Mae, Crisco, and Rudy – that is exactly why Mommy follows you everywhere, recording all that I can! I will have THAT forever,..

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