Her spirit´s still strong!

When we are so connected to our pets – I just know that they stay with us!
My Baby Girl! I have loved her since the first time that I laid eyes on her in May of 1989! We had a wonderful journey together – for 14 years. Fourteen years of unconditional love – me for her in that I would do ANYTHING for her – and her for me – in doing what dog´s only know how to do and that is to please! Oh my goodness! She was My Love and my world!
She´s been gone almost 6 1/2 years. It seems like only yesterday on one hand – and then on the other it was a lifetime ago. But, there is one thing that I do know for sure. She is still with me,… Lately, it´s how I explain the “walking-pressure” sensation that I feel on the bed at night. Clearly, someone or something is on my bed – walking around. At first, I thought it was one of the other babies, moving around to get more comfortable. However, when I put my hand down to make sure they were okay, there was no one there. But the pressure on the bed continued.
Yep, she´s still with me. And, now with the addition of Rudy The Cat – she is completely intrigued by this new creature that´s joined the house. I doubt she´s happy with it – as she was not a cat “girl.” But, nonetheless – she makes herself known, probably to let me know that SHE, too, is still a part of the house and of the group. It´s so comforting to know that this Love is my angel – and is still coming around in spirit to make sure her Mommy knows that she loves me! Ah, the beauty of that unconditional love! Thanks, God, for my forever angel!