Faith Versus Reason – Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Do you think that those two words, faith and reason, are a paradox?  To me, they can be.

As you look at faith, and in particular, the faith in saying that one day I will see my beloved Mico again, “reason” can´t play a part of that discussion that goes on in my head – and occasionally with friends.  So many people have tried to reason with me in saying that animals do not have souls – therefore they cannot go to heaven.  Others have told me that they KNOW for sure that animals do not go to heaven because of the way that they have interpreted the Bible and its teachings.

They “reason” that there could be no way that anything else, other than human beings, can enter into heaven.  Reasoning means that our head has been able to prove – or to disprove – a theory.  Topics that can be “reasoned” can be touched, felt and seen.

Therefore, reason and faith cannot work together for me in this topic.  With faith being the believing in things that are yet to come – my faith does tell me that animals are too spiritual to not realize the same rewards that we as humans do in heaven.  For me – having faith tells me that there is a reward waiting at the end of this earthly existence that says I will see those little furry friends who brought to me unconditional love and trust – and were such a large part of my life.  I revel in the fact that my world has to have some things that cannot be seen, felt, or touched.  My heart needs to know that there are some things that “just are.”

Some call it denial.  Others call it not reasonable.

For me, it is having faith.