I know social media can be just the power that some people need to express their opinions,

even though they wouldn’t have the courage to express the same opinion in person. But it still rocks my world with everything else going on in our country that people can be so judgmental and hateful. (Oops, I just did it, too, didn’t I? I judged “ugly and hateful!”)

Well, I’m going to run with this message, as it’s so front-and-center for me in one of the most profound lessons our animals teach us… no judging and unconditional love. Let’s just try this for one day:

  • When I have a different opinion than yours, say “hm… I see it differently, but I respect the way you see it.”
  • When I say, “Happy Easter” to you and you don’t believe in the message of Easter, maybe you say back to me “Happy Spring to you.”
  • When I say, “thank you,” just say “you’re welcome.”
  • When I tell you “you look nice, and I love that dress,” just say thank you, even if it’s “an old rag you pulled out of the closet.”
  • When I say “Merry Christmas” to you, and you’re Jewish, give back to me what you believe. I respect yours, please respect mine. After all, I might not have known your belief and in my excitement, shared mine. I mean no harm.
  • When I saw something to you, with maybe an accent or different pronunciation, don’t ridicule me. There’s too much hate in this world to keep spreading it with petty things such as this.
  • People make mistakes. Move on… sh$t happens. Live in the now and know it’s probably not worth holding a grudge.
  • When I believe differently in where I think animals go when they die versus where you think they go, I only offer you my way of a condolence in sharing that. It’s the Golden Rule… treating others the way I would want to be treated with sharing these sentiments because it’s what I would want said to me at that time. More than likely, I don’t know your beliefs, and I want to offer my simple thoughts and care. You might tell me that I should keep my thoughts to myself, and with that we perpetuate a silent community, versus a connected community.

I know I was all over the board on my thoughts there, yet one that just lives in my heart so deeply and passionately. For God’s sake, People. Let’s. Just. Stop. The. Judging.

Whenever I need a good reminder, I always look to my animals for the most impactful messages and lessons and live in that manner. They are so loving, so caring… no judging and no hate. For one day, let’s just try and live like that.

God knows I can only hope to be as good and loving as they are. I really do try though.

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