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If you´re like most pet care professionals, it is highly likely that you´ve never attended a workshop or seminar on the subject of pet death and its associated grief.  And, for those who perhaps have, you more than likely found the learning experience rather “academic” – in effect lacking a high degree of first hand experience with varied pet death experiences and the ever wider range of related grief experiences.

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What makes Two Hearts Pet Loss Center unique is that Coleen Ellis has worked with literally thousands of families who have experienced the death of a pet – bringing that wealth of knowledge and experience to the educational and training resources she´s making available.


•  The grief and guilt a blind woman had to manage because she left her gate un-latched and her service dog wandered into the street and was killed.

•  The grief and anger associated with a young woman who purchased a “fashion” leash only to have it break while on a walk with her beloved little Pomeranian, and watched it be hit by a car as she went to catch her after she ran into traffic.

•  The guilt and confusion a mother manages as she makes the painful decision to euthanize their very old and ill pet, and has to explain matters to her children.

•  The special grief associated with a senior gentleman who lives alone, who just lost the pet that was his special companion,and an important shared connection to the spouse he´d lost not so many years before.

For pet care professionals, its more than death and grief education – it´s about pet loss companioning.  Communicating you care, and helping clients move ahead, hopefully toward renewing the cycle of animal companionship through re-adoption.  This is support that a great many pet parents who´ve lost a pet crave; and it becomes a powerful differentiator among pet service providers.

Two Hearts Pet Loss Center´s seminars in Pet Loss Companioning will bring to you the educational tools that you will need to know.  Guidance in areas such as:

What is the difference between “treating” and “companioning”?
Why it may be important to change the “thinking philosophy” with a grieving family?
What is the difference between grieving and mourning?
What are the necessary qualities of a caregiver for a grieving family?
What are some simple yet meaningful rituals families can do to celebrate the life of their beloved pet?
What are come common memorial options that family´s desire?
What types of support and care do your families typically need from you during this very difficult time?

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Honoring Your Family´s Stories
Honoring the stories of those experiencing the loss of a precious pet is a privilege. For many pet parents, they will grieve and mourn in silence as they face this devastating loss of an unconditional love.
As Coleen works with families across the United States, these grieving hearts seem to be hungry for words that will bring them peace of mind.

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