As I sit here, coffee in hand and on this day of love, I’m sure you know what thought comes to my mind when the subject is just that… “love!”

I don’t think there’s anything that embodies the full definition of the word love more than our animals. We all hear the words “unconditional love” tossed around when it comes to talking about our precious creatures, and when you’ve been there, had one, and felt it, we know EXACTLY what it means, don’t we?

So, on this universal day of love, I’m sending out a world-wide blast to publicly say “thank you!” Thank you to those amazing fur-loves who have rocked my world, with their love, their life lessons, and just their being.

Thank you!

I know if you’re reading this, you’re a part of my tribe. You GET the love of an animal, the feeling when your heart is so full you feel like it’s going to burst. The feeling you get when you come in that back door, and regardless of how long you’ve been gone, they’re ecstatic to see you! While the world throws challenges, divisiveness, hate, frustration, and disappointments at us, we get to fill our hearts up with a love like no other with our animals.

Thanks for meeting me here… thanks for being a part of my tribe and for loving a beautiful little creature whose only task in your crazy world is to love you, and to make you feel like a rock star. Thank you for understanding me and others like us when we all know we understand communication on a whole different plane, because you have to when you communicate with another being without words. (I think there’s nothing more beautiful, don’t you?)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you… and whatever creature rocks your days. Love on them, kiss on them, and make sure you take the time to just be with them because life is so short.

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