The Eulogy

Although today (January 8, 2013) was the first time that I met an incredibly sweet and gentle soul named Finnigan, I was fortunate enough to feel as if I already knew him. I had the great pleasure of speaking with his mom for some time, and her glowing description of her precious Finn was so accurate. Finnigan had begun to decline in health, and doctors´ best estimate was that he would not live past September or October. However, Finn surprised them all, by not only surviving but continuing to thrive and be the happy-go-lucky boy he always was.

Finn´s mom worked so hard to keep him as comfortable as possible, even moving with him to a home without stairs, to make it easier for him to have a normal daily life. Although she herself is a strict vegetarian, his mom even made sure to stock up on all kinds of meat, to help Finnigan stay strong and healthy. Throughout everything, Finnigan absolutely never complained, and even as he became weaker and had more difficulty walking, his tail never stopped wagging.
Finnigan could not have had a more peaceful passing. This morning, he enjoyed having a delicious snack of chicken nuggets. He was able to go with his much-loved human friends to the forest preserve where he had enjoyed many happy times with his mom. It was a beautiful crisp day, and Finnigan took in every bit of it, chewing on sticks, giving friendly kisses, and happily enjoying some more treats in the park. He lay down on his comfortable bed in the fresh air, and relaxed and became sleepy, lying nose to nose with his beloved mom. Finn´s last sweet breath was the familiar smell of his mom, comforting him through his very last moments. ~ Dr. Juliana Lyles

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