Give them an outlet to pay tribute to this love that was shared
As you service families who are experiencing the loss of their precious pets, make sure that you are proving all opportunities for them to honor these losses. While there are 62% of people who own a pet – that means there are 38% who don´t. Therefore, when a person has a pet that´s died, there might be circumstances where they don´t have a support group around them to properly mourn this loss. Be that support group.

There are a variety of ways that you can provide this support. Consider:
* Daily phone calls to provide an “open-door” feel for your organization as a support system.
* Memorialization items that will show a family it´s “okay” to honor these pets with physical remembrance pieces.
* Pet Loss Support Groups.
* Annual ceremonial events for grieving pet parents to have as an outlet to honor their deceased pets.
* Cards sent to the family, acknowledging the first birth date/gotcha date without the pet.
* A card sent to the family on the anniversary date of death to let the family know that you are thinking of them.
* Social marketing venues such as FaceBook and Twitter to allow the family an opportunity to post a memorial to their special pet.
* And, many others.

After all, what families really want from you at this time is the “service” that you have to provide. Give them the value of this services – as it is what they deserve during this time.