How Much Can We Love?

Do our hearts ever get too full of love?
As I sit here with a hot cup of tea, I can feel my heart pounding with all of the love that it feels. Two weeks ago, I added the fourth “fur-child” to our home – and our hearts are just so elated with love! I just never thought I could continue to have room for all of these “kids” and the capacity to love all of them like they deserve! To love all of them with ALL of my heart – individually! Oh, but, let me tell you – love them I do!
Rudy joined our house this week after spending over three months at the Humane Society. I have never seen 5 pounds of fur love so deeply and be so sweet as this little guy! He is truly thankful for everything that he is given – and for all that is done for him. The poor little guy came with an incredible URI as well as some little worms in his system. The way that he took his meds and let us put the ointment in his eyes, he knew that we were just trying to help him. Gracious – ah, yes, quite the little gentleman.
To my little babies – Crisco, Mike The Dog, Ellie Mae and Rudy – Mommy loves all of you so much! Thanks for all of the unconditional love that you give to us!

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