Pet Parents want the oppotunity to say good-bye,..

As a grieving pet parent, we WANT that opportunity to say good-bye to our precious deceased pet. But, I digress – do I truly WANT that? No, because what I really want is to have my pet back. But, do I now NEED this opportunity to just not have my pet taken away from me – and give me one more time to be with my precious pet? One more time to say all of those “I love you´s” and to kiss that beautiful head? One more time to relieve all of those special times that we spent together? One more time to relieve that day you came home to live? YES! Please know – a pet parent wants to have this opportunity to “do one more thing” for my beloved pet.
As a pet care professional, it´s imperative that you are willing and capable of guiding a pet parent in what their options are to honor and pay tribute to their deceased pet. And, while you may be met with resistance, please know it´s resistance in the fact that I still want my pet here – and to do what is being recommended to me is the LAST thing that I want to do.
However, this very well may be the BEST thing that you can do for me. For me, the grieving heart who “doesn´t know what I don´t know” needs someone to guide me – to walk with me. With all of the thousands of families that I have worked with – seeing their pet “one more time” has clearly been deemed the “best thing that I could´ve done.”
Are you giving your families that opportunity? They do want it, trust me.

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