I needed to share some stuff with you, straight from my heart, on pet loss and grief. A bit of a beef, but more just some heartfelt words, from me to you.

I’m not sure about you but one of the things I really like to ascertain when working with someone or learning from someone is “have they done this?” Nothing frustrates me more when someone tries to teach me something, or share with me something, and it’s all stuff they’ve read or gathered the information in some other format other than practical experience. I wanna know… did you DO what you are teaching me about? I mean… did you ACTUALLY perform those tasks!?

Whew. Okay, I got it off my chest. And, maybe this whole message is self-serving, but I want the best for YOU when it comes to YOUR learning in the discipline of pet loss and grief support services. From working directly with families, to running a pet loss business. Don’t you think you deserve it: to learn from someone who has walked a mile (hell… thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miles!) in those shoes!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is some nuggets to learn from anyone. Sometimes it’s what not to do, but nonetheless it’s a learning nugget! I think that’s why I put so much time, energy and passion into the Pet Loss & Grief Companioning classes I teach and have put together for my on-line learning. By the way, I’m not sure about you, but I am so, so, so, so ready to get back to some in-person learning. THAT’S when the real learning takes place: hearing from others and what their experiences have been, their best practices, and their “wow, I’ll never do that again!” moments! I love that!

But I digress! So, with all of that, I wanted to send a personal invitation to you to check out my on-line learning with a focus on Pet Loss & Grief, from supporting families to running a business, to creating experiences when it comes to pet loss. I put my heart and soul into these, for YOU. After all, I think it’s what YOU deserve is to learn these practical lessons from someone who can then share in a call with you and know what you are dealing with. After all, I’ve been there too!

I was so excited when I got this review today from a new guest to my Pet Loss & Grief classes: “I have never had an Instructor with a more meaningful intro to their course and actually be into what they are preaching! Amazing! I cannot wait to get started!”

Actually, made me smile, with a tear in my eye!

I hope you’ll join me and check out my sessions! Let’s do this, together. For the families who need us and need a bit of light in their dark. To make it easy for you, as that’s how I role, here’s the link: https://twoheartspetlosscenter.thinkific.com/collections?page=1

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