Why not? Let’s extend this day of celebration as we organically already do, right?

I loved taking some time for my morning ritual of reflection and planning, and really thinking about this day set aside to “love our pet.” Hm. I found that interesting as that really is every minute of the day for me! (Just sharin’!)

Anyway, I’m not sure why this day was created, and for that matter I can’t find a creator, but I love it! As I looked down at my 16-year-old Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, snoozing so happy in front of the fireplace, and then I looked over at my rotten-to-the-core pussycat sleeping on the back of the couch, my heart just warmed! They are such amazing creatures, put here for only one reason… to exist in our world and to love us. (Well, I’m not going to speak for the cat, but he has moments of tenderness that allows me to forgive him for the bad days… can you tell we’re on a “bad day” streak for him!)

So, after I filled my heart with them, my thoughts immediately turned to Mico, Harry, and Ellie. Of course, with the death of Harry and Ellie so fresh on my mind and heart, they were presenting the most fore-front elements of the emotions. I miss both of them so much, and I know I’m still in my year of firsts, so there are so many visual reminders slapping me in the face. Reminders of my new normal, which I’m still getting used to. While Ellie was a quiet presence, Harry did everything he could to make sure EVERYONE knew he was “in the house!” He wanted all the attention, and it dawned on me after he died how much he got it and demanded it.

That’s what I love about animals… no one got mad about that, no one pouted, no one tattled on Harry’s selfish nature. Nope. They all just came together and loved.

So, on this National Love Your Pet Day, let’s be more like them. Let’s love and remember them, and then love our neighbor! A beautiful reminder for EVERY day!

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