Making A Tribute Special

How do you sum up the life shared with your special pet to create a truly unique and special memorialization piece.
For so many families, when they are designing an urn or a special memorial piece, the whole concept can become overwhelming as one decides how to personalize this beautiful memento. Whether it be an engraving on an urn, rock or marker, or a jewelry piece, the personalization should be as unique as your special pet was to you and the life that you shared. While many people will automatically think of the birth date/gotcha date and the death date as being important, I would also encourage you to look beyond these dates and think about “The Dash” in between those dates and what that meant to you and your family.
When you look at this memorialization item, what is it you want to remember about the life that you shared with your pet? Is it a nickname? As it is with my little precious babies, I have my Rudy Poo, my Ellie Smelly Burke, my Whit, Junky Trunk, and numerous other names that just make me smile!
Or is it a description of your pet that, when read, will bring back a flood of memories? I have my “Peter Pan mixed with Dennis The Menace,” “Master Blaster,” “My One Eared Little Pussy Cat” and so many others that just warms my heart!
So when you´re taking part in this very emotional piece of summing up an entire life in a few words, think about it,…. how will you look beyond the dates and how will you want to remember “The Dash?”

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