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Whether a tribute, a farewell letter, a final goodbye or shared memories among friends and family, our Pet Memorial section is dedicated to those that have given us their unconditional love and devotion. We invite you to visit this section, and pay tribute to your beloved companion(s). We thank you for sharing their story with us.


Aprilè D’Villo
November 6, 2008- May 24, 2019


She was my bestfriend. I thought i moved on but recently everytime i think of her i break down. I’ll miss all the times I would just talk to her and i knew she was listening she’ll forever be the best friend i’ll always need

Kalysta Bruner
April 6, 2008 - November 11, 2019


I especially wanted to honor Pookie for truly opening my heart. I’ve never felt such pure and unadulterated love from any being in my life.

Colleen Patricia

Bingo and Custer

They completely changed me. Really what I was but brought back to the forefront. Such funny rascals and never acted old. I adopted them from the shelter in Ann Arbor, Michigan when I went to work for a big corporation full time after graduating college. Two tiger brown tabby/bengal mixed kittens. Brothers. Companions. Took them with me to two different… Read More “Bingo and Custer”

Adam K
4/28/2000 to 4/9/2011 (Bingo) and 1/5/2019 (Custer)


Not a day goes by that I do not think about you and miss you. You rescued me not too long after Sammy’s passing. You made me find my smile again and I hoped to love you for many years to come. We didn’t get to have years….we had a beautiful 12 months of love, cuddles, and you were my… Read More “Simon”

Susan Wujastyk
Jan 1, 2018-Jan 15, 2019


In loving memory of our beloved sassy girl Tiffany, you will always live in our hearts 💕.

Rafael Nieves
December 30, 2019


My beloved pitbull was inherited from
My 48 yr old son when he lost his battle with glioblastoma. She was my friend, my comforter, my eyes, my ears, my protector and I told her many times every day that “Remi is a sweet girl, Remi is a pretty girl, Remi is a smart girl and Grandmommy loves Remi.” She… Read More “Remi”

Maylene Dingler
Nov 1, 2006-July 17, 2018


My favorite person. I’ll always miss her fuzzy tail and the way she liked to sleep on her back with her legs in the air. She loved to chase squirrels and ducks and cats in her younger days. She was with me for about 12 years and was not a puppy nor was she in a good state of mind… Read More “Carly”

Heatherjoy Klein
Unknown birthdate-11/28/19


Michelle C.


Jinx, my sweet kitty, our time together was way too short. We packed a lifetime together into six months ( I knew from the beginning that was all we would be given). I will never forget how special you were, you made my life feel full and complete, my special needs kitty!

Diane Weaver
January 25, 2015 - July 27, 2017


My sweet girl we loved you so Miss you and you will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Maria Krebs
May 10,2007-February 10,2020


Missing my friend Abby who gave all she could since she was a puppy

Peter Salas
December 11,2010-November 27,2019

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Terasa Wicks
July 8, 2007 - March 19, 2019


Rex your were my literal road dog. We went to so many places together and received so many compliments from strangers on how good looking you were. That made me so proud. You were with me through my darkest moments when no one else was. You were so patient on the days I just couldn’t get out of bed, but… Read More “Rex”

Aidée S.


You were my teacher. You taught me about
non-judgement and acceptance, forgiveness and living in the moment. You are the best ….and I am so grateful that you chose us for your family. Thank you for
always being there for G & E & me….especially during the hard times. You are pure joy and we love… Read More “Champ”

Bonnie Penrose Petruzzi
April 11, 2001 - August 15, 2016


There’s not a day that goes by without my thinking of you, Boomer. While your presence is still felt in my heart, your absence from our daily lives is ever present. Thank you for showing me what it means to age gracefully and with courage and with determination. I hope that as my life goes on without you, I will… Read More “Boomer”

Mike Meadows
March 19, 2001 - July 29, 2018


We rescued our little puggie Oct of 2013 at 9 years old. I never thought we’d get that much time with him, but we got almost 6.5 years with our fur baby. He was such a sweet boy and our hearts are broken now that he’s gone. I hope so much he knows how loved he was and we will… Read More “Kemba”

Sherry Steele
April 29, 2003 - January 17, 2020


My most beloved companion King of my heart ❤️Raj ❤️ 10/06/07- 05/04/19
It is not the same without you since the day I had to make the most painful and hardest decision in my life ,but what I could not change was your health and time. If God had given me a choice to sacrifice everything I… Read More “Raj”

Fifi Sukkar
June,10,2007- April 5,2019


Oh my beloved sweetheart, Harley, you went too soon and too suddenly. One minute you were here and the next you weren’t. My heart broke into a million little pieces that early morning in my arms. I miss your beautiful soul spirit and love for life! I’m so blessed to have had you and BowTie in my life. Because of… Read More “Harley”

Cindy Weber
9/15/2013 - 5/16/19


This is the post I never wanted to have to write… but that we all know is inevitable.
Today I am thankful for 12 yrs. spent with my Mo – and only wishing it could have been more 💜
Our vacation was not what I anticipated. A mere 10 hrs. after arriving in Nova Scotia, I had to… Read More “Mocha”

Sept. 4, 2006 - Sept. 23, 2018


My sweet little girl . You are missed so and love you always 💕💕 it’s so hard without you. Thank you for your beautiful heart..

Maria Krebs
April 5 2008-February 10 2020


never in my life did I ever think that you would leave this world so early, you were only 3 years old and full of spunk, you helped me through the most difficult times in my life. I miss you everyday and every day is a struggle knowing that when I come home your not there. I’m lucky enough to… Read More “Meredith”

Elizabeth Anne Jacobson
April 5th, 2019