Optimizing the merchandise section of your pet death care operation will be key in having a satisfied family.  Merchandised appropriately, families will look to your organization for memorialization items for their owns pets as well as a thoughtful pieces for the death of their friend´s pets as well.  Being a resource for all stages of pet´s life will also see families coming in to buy those special frames and other key items when an adoption occurs.

What DOES every family want when they come in?

How are packages effectively structured to make purchasing easy for a grieving family?

How can you fiscally guide a family who has numerous pets at home in their urn purchase?

In the Consulting Platform program, Two Hearts Pet Loss Center has created partnerships with the key vendors that you will want in your organizations.  Partnerships that will bring to you products that your families will want as well as special pricing for those that are in the Two Hearts network.

Family naturally desire to purchase memorialization items, they don´t want to be “sold.”  A well organized and appropriately merchandised facility will naturally facilitate comfortable shopping and provide confidence in purchasing, creating a truly satisfied family.

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