He had everything. A good life. A great career. A beautiful home and family. Coming from nothing he´d made it all on his own. His heart had hardened but he had “achieved.”

And, just like that, it was all gone. Yes, he´d been there before and knew what “nothing” felt like. But he´d also vowed he´d never go back.

The amazing color that the author uses to describe the journey from “there” to “here” and “back again” leaves the reader spell-bound. You almost feel ALL of Adam March´s pain, with every step of the journey.

Then, in an odd turn of events, a mangled, pathetic pit bull shows up in his life. He didn´t want him. He wasn´t going to keep him. How does anyone love a pathetic, down-and-out creature like this?

The parallels are incredible – and amazing throughout the whole book! It´s most certainly one of those books that leaves one to think when the last page is read.

Do I judge others?
If I were in a different circumstance, would those events then have a different meaning?
And, lastly, how am I living my life to give back?

Enjoy the book! I´m sure of it – you´ll love it!

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