Our time together is short and precious

Where-oh-where does the time go?
I found this picture of Crisco taken on the day that we brought him home, six years ago,… he was all of a pound and we lovingly deemed him “Blobby Boy!” I look at that photo today and it feels like it all happened just yesterday. Where-oh-where did 6 years go. To have this little guy in our lives has been such a blessing and have given us enough stories to fill a library with his orneriness and antics!

Then it hits me,… if the past six years went as fast as they did, what will the next six years hold? Then, my precious little boy will be 12, clearly a “senior” in a pet´s life. Goodness me,.. It is so scary to know that he is now hitting the “mid” part of his life. To me – it started not that long ago. However, in a blink, here we are – he is six years old.

Every day is so precious with these little ones. Every day I thank God that he has allowed me to share a house with my three wonderful fur-kids. In addition, every day I thank God for allowing me the pleasure and the gift of knowing exactly what unconditional love looks like. Because in a blink, when it is gone from me – I know that the love that Crisco brought to us will forever be emblazoned in our hearts and memories,… I love you, Mr. Puppy!

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