Did you know that 83% of people refer to themselves as “Mommy and Daddy” when talking to their pets?

For Baby Boomers that are empty nesting, pets have become the new “children” in their household.  For the elderly, pets represent companionship as well as give meaning to each day.  For couples, a new puppy or kitty completes the family.

For those that love the pets like family members, the dignified care of their beloved furry or feathered friend is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, when the death of a pet effects a family, having the information and knowledge on how to truly guide them through the final arrangements and grief journey is imperative.  Whether you are looking at starting a pet death care operation or you are currently in a position of assisting families, you will certainly want the skills necessary to provide the comfort and care needed to each member.

Join us here as we guide you on the various offerings of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center to help you – help your families.  Contact us for more information on our program details.