Pet Loss Education

During a consulting session with a veterinary clinic, I made mention that the staff needed some training and elevation of communication and service skills. The office manager expressed concern with this thought by saying “what if I train them and they leave?”

I replied, “what if you don’t train them and they stay?”

Pet families today are looking to their veterinary professional team or an end-of-life care provider for exceptional services and an experience that’s memorable. Keeping an organization’s team relevant and skilled means a more engaged team, taking care of the families in ways that will have an amazing return on investment in word-of-mouth advertising and social sharing.

Two Hearts Pet Loss is your source for education in everything to do with pet loss support and experiential services. Whether you are wanting to elevate your own professional skills in end-of-life or you are looking for the most value-add webinars or in-person sessions, you found it here!

These are just a few of the RACE certificated sessions you can either attend via webinar, or talk with me about joining your team live for an in-person session:

• Understanding Pet Loss & How to Help You, Help Them
• What Do Pet Parents NEED When Their Pet Dies
• What are Rituals Pet Parents Are Looking For To Honor Their Pet
• Let’s Talk About Talking: All You Need To Know About Communicating End-of-Life Services
• The Fine Elements of A Pet Loss Support Group
• Walk With A Family BEFORE Death and Through Their Anticipatory Grief Journey

Or possibly you’d like to design a class around the specific needs of you or your clinic. Then let’s do that!
Reach out to me today to schedule your session, or let’s create a curriculum to build on to throughout a specified time frame of learning. I’m here to walk with you and create what YOU need!