Pet Parents

Coleen Ellis lost her “baby girl” in 2003, and she was devastated. No one understood how she could be so upset over losing “just a dog,” and she could never really say goodbye to her terrier-schnauzer mix, Mico.

To help pet parents everywhere, she opened the first standalone pet funeral home in the United States in Indianapolis. In this guidebook, she helps pet parents, veterinarians, death-care professionals and others celebrate the special bonds we share with our animal companions.

“Wow, all I can say is AWESOME!!!!  I loved every word on every page.  You did a fantastic job in allowing readers to see the REAL you – although to me there is really no substitution to meeting you in person and being warmed by your smile, your hug and your sincere interest in each and every person (human or furry) that you meet.”

Judy Palin

Drawing upon her experiences helping thousands of pet parents and pet care professionals, Ellis provides:

• ideas to help celebrate the special bonds people share with their pets;

• checklists to choose the right cremation provider or funeral home;

• heartwarming stories that show how pets can be honored in life and in death;

• information on how death-care professionals, veterinarians and others are taking steps to serve pet parents;

• additional resources to help people remember their pets the way they want.

People everywhere want to honor the lives of their pets, and even if you aren’t a pet owner, you need to understand why this is important. Help yourself and those you care about with Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief.

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