A special tribute to My Precious LIttle Mico
Wherever one is at in their grief journey, the holidays can be hard. Yes, the remembering of a beloved pet who is no longer here can bring back a flood of emotions. But let the slew of Christmas ornaments come out of the box – and the tears just start. Many people ask – do I put them on the tree or not? What’s one to do?
Well, mine go on the tree. They go on the tree through misty eyes as my husband and I take a walk down memory lane with each piece. An ornament that was Mico’s first Christmas with me! An ornament given to her by a friend that I haven’t been in touch with for quite some time. (Note to self, reach out to Kristy and see how she’s doing.) An ornament with a date that represented the last Christmas she was with me. And, then the ornament that said “In Memory.”
Yes, a true walk down memory lane. While my grief journey has seen the effects of time, the tears were still there. For the life we shared. For the lessons she gave to me all of those years. For the silly little love that I can still see in that part of me called “memories,” albeit the picture is not as sharp as it used to be the softer edges of the memories are still a major part of me.
And, while my eyes remain misty during the full trimming of the tree, I relish the fact that she lived. With a warm heart, I cherish all that she was to me – then and still today! Therefore, it only seems right that every ornament is placed on that tree.
For her. For me.

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