Give Benny a hug for me.

Goodbye Benny, we LOVE you!

“See You in September” and “All my Loving” were the last two songs we heard together on the radio.

It wasn´t my station, but they were my songs… I listened to them, and played them on the air long before you were born.

Today you died.

I´m crying at your loss, but happy for your release.

It is hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful “little guy”… More difficult still to know I made it happen!

When I reach the September of my years, I´ll look forward to flying away with you into another world of wonders. I just know you´ll be waiting at the gateway to heaven, sniffing and checking to assure I am in there and I am safe.

You´ve done this with me ever since the first day I met you and we became friends.

As had been your practice with Sherry, you were the guard at the door, ready to warn us of intruders and to bark danger away.

Faithful servant? Much more!

Loving companion, lifelong pal to Chessie (and Biscuit), mentor for Zack.

Charmer to all who met you… regardless of species.

Dog of my dreams.

From now on, that´s where we meet!

I will always hear your nails clatter on the landing (and smell your pee of late at various points in our home).

I´ll never forget your finding me under the covers, no matter how well I hid, and licking my bald head with LOVE.

You are the best!

I know you knew where I was taking you. Not the address, not Dr. Wasem, just the ultimate destination: the “Happy Hunting Ground”.

You were so good in the truck as we drove. Half heartedly trying to leave, mostly sniffing about and looking for a good place and position to enjoy the ride. You did find it.

When we had parked, I took you to a grassy area with a swell pond (lilies and all). You didn´t pee.

We went in, and you met Lance and his “father”. They were making arrangements for a trip to France aboard a Concord, and Lance could sit next to Dad. How cool! (Everyone loved you – they always do, we always always will!!)

I signed the consent form.

We took you in to the next room, weighed you, held you, said special things, and gave you a little shot.

Just as I promised during our “ride”, it didn´t hurt much. Before you had even had time to whimper, you were asleep. And you could see and hear again! And Biscuit was there to bat you with his paws (which work once again). And you see the face of God, and understand so many mysteries that puzzle us people.

Put in a good puppy word for us? Don´t eat the corner of the clock of eternity?

You relaxed, and were no longer afraid. You were sleeping (except of course for the breathing and twitching parts).

I rubbed your back, absorbing your smell… and took your collar. We were left alone to finally say goodbye.

I told you about Sherry´s note, and thanked you for your friendship and service.

I said “goodbye” (for now).

On the drive home (alone) I thought of a paw-print… you put so many on cards to me for special occasions. I´ll call and get one more for Sherry!

Zack was odd when I came in. He knew too. You could clearly see – by the look in his eyes, his need to be held, and some sniffing of your collar on the kitchen rug.

He knew… as we left and when I returned.

He loves and misses you also.

Nothing from Chessie yet.

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