Mourning the loss of a cranky old cat,….

She was a cranky cat. Oh, not with everyone. Just with me, Chris and Curtis, her family! But my Mom loved her more than anything!

She started her life almost 16 years ago, on the hood of a car in Rozel, Kansas, my hometown. Mom had caught wind that the neighbor down the street had a litter of kittens and she was ready for some fur love in the house. And, on the hood of the car is where she found the scrawny little thing.

Well, being a good pet mommy, Mom immediately took her for a quick vet visit, found out that she was in great health – and that she was definitely a “she!” Until today, this would be her ONLY trip to the vet as even as a little kitten, she made it known that a car ride was not her idea of fun.

So, “she´s” a “she.” Of course, Mom had already had the name picked out. And, for those of you who know my Mom, she wanted the namesake to be nothing less than her heartthrob, Elvis. But, the name “Elvis” was not going to work for a little girl – so Mom went with the next best thing – “Presley.” Presley Ann to be exact. And, it truly did fit her.

She lived an amazing life. She not only provided incredible memories for my Mom – but she was so loved by my Dad before he died. Oh, don´t get me wrong, he SAID he didn´t like the “stupid cat” but the countless photos of her and him sleeping together, the water glasses all around the house meant for her, and the “tricks” that he taught her said differently.

Everyone in town knew her. She was such a good friend to my Mom. And, she did love everyone.

Oh, did I mention, she loved everyone except the boys and I. I kid you not, there´s not an animal in this world that doesn´t love me. Except her. She really did have a beef with the boys and I. Not sure what it was – but when we entered HER house, she hissed, screamed at us, and we never saw her again the whole weekend. Jealous? Not sure – but she was consistent. It was the same every time. I guess there always needs to be “one” to keep us humble, huh?

So over the weekend, sick in her old age with an uncureable something, Presley went to the vet for only the second time in her life. She was not going to get better and my Mom made one of the toughest decisions of her life.

RIP, Presley. Thank you for being such a good pussycat and friend to my Mom. She really did love you and I know she took the best of care of you. You wanted for nothing.

Now, go be a good angel. Watch over her like she did for you.

Oh, and do one thing for me. Say hello to Mico and Mike the Dog for me, too.

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