Saying good-bye to a beloved pet right now is bringing about more than the normal grief and emotion of the event.

From veterinary clinics requiring curbside drop off services, to families not being able to be with their precious loves for their final breath, it is utterly heartbreaking to a much larger degree.

Just yesterday I received a call from yet another family getting ready to say a final good-bye to their beautiful dog. I really have to stop myself from just going hard into task mode and plowing through with these harsh words of “just stop! Listen to me and do this! You will thank me later.”

A final good-bye with a loved one is a one-time event for THAT special love. There is no doing it over and making it better, there is only one opportunity for a forever memory. As we are all in this together and we truly do have an opportunity to help our fellow man, share out this information to those that are experiencing a loss right now. THERE IS A WAY TO STILL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL GOOD-BYE!

Here are some ideas to create a peaceful and memorable experience of saying good-bye:

  • Record a message to your pet that can be played during the euthanasia procedure.
  • Wrap your pet in an article of clothing so the pet can still have your smell and presence.
  • Send along a favorite toy(s) with the pet.
  • If the euthanasia is being done at the veterinary clinic request that it be done near a window so you can be visually present.
  • Request the veterinary clinic have you on the phone while they use a headset.
  • Facetime or Skype during the euthanasia procedure so you can still talk to your pet.
  • Write a letter to your pet, and have that read to the pet during euthanasia, or create a playlist that can be played.
  • Make your own airdry clay at home with baking soda, water, and corn starch. Make an impression of your hand, laying that clay piece on your pet during the euthanasia.
  • Have the veterinary team feed your pet their favorite food, or possibly a food they never could eat but now they can, during the procedure.
  • If your pet is euthanized at a clinic, take the pet home to spend family time and have a memorial service.
  • If your pet is euthanized at home, keep your pet home for a few days to have final moments together.

Take some time, slow down and really create a memorable and peaceful ending to a beautiful life you shared with your precious love. This is all about honoring the love and life you shared together.

I’m so honored to call the folks at Caring Pathways in the Denver area friends and colleagues. If you’d like to see more beautiful photos of what you can do during this difficult time, visit Caring Pathways website.

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