I just love sharing information with other pet care professionals – see me in New Orleans!
Do you think that the only way to do a pet loss business is LIKE everyone else – through the veterinarians?
Are you wanting the service aspect of a pet loss business to COMPLEMENT your human death care operation?
Are you still baffled by the various elements of this type of business – but you know that you want to do it?
I´ve got the answers for you! Come – hear me address NFDA convention goers and learn the answers to the above questions! I will help you with:
Understanding the most effective way to market pet loss services to your community.
Understand how to seamlessly educate all families that you are serving with your entire businesses value offering.
Understand the various elements as to how you can make the death care experience for a pet family fully represent what you do throughout your entire operation.
Come! Hear me! Get the answers – and then let me know how I can help you with your program!

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