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Remembering Ebony

Creating an experience of “saying good-bye” for Ebony´s family Typical of my work, I found myself on a plane yet again, on my way to Scottsdale, Arizona, to address a [ … ]

I WANT to say Good-Bye

Pet Parents want the oppotunity to say good-bye,.. As a grieving pet parent, we WANT that opportunity to say good-bye to our precious deceased pet. But, I digress – do [ … ]

Honoring Your Story

The candles represent such warmth as our precious pets are honored. The memorial service at the Center for Loss was so special. To hear the beautiful stories of those precious [ … ]

Creating Memories

What to do today to create memories for tomorrow Today´s technology makes it so much easier to secure “memories!” As I look back on the life that I shared with [ … ]