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Another birthday passed,..

While she died eight years ago, I still remember her birthday like it was yesterday. Saturday, March 19th. A day that I will forever remember as “Mico´s birthday.” Oh yea,… [ … ]

Remembering Ebony

Creating an experience of “saying good-bye” for Ebony´s family Typical of my work, I found myself on a plane yet again, on my way to Scottsdale, Arizona, to address a [ … ]

Education is key!

From families to veterinarians, make sure your customer understands what they are selling. I spent the day in the field yesterday with a wonderful pet funeral home client. We had [ … ]

I WANT to say Good-Bye

Pet Parents want the oppotunity to say good-bye,.. As a grieving pet parent, we WANT that opportunity to say good-bye to our precious deceased pet. But, I digress – do [ … ]