It’s been over a month since your heart failed you and I laid on the dining room floor holding you, cradling your head screaming and crying for you to wake up; begging you to please come back. My brain still has not processed the incident while I’m told that I frequently call out your name in my sleep. You came to me when I was 22 and battling with sobriety. You gave me the courage to graduate undergrad while still in rehab, you gave me the strength to get through law school, and you made that move across country with me. Just me and you. No one has ever loved me so simplistically, so purely, so unconditionally. You were never just a dog to me. You were the closest family member I’ve ever had. You were and still are my heart. You brought so much love and light into my world and showed me the beauty of life. Not a day goes by that I don’t break down in tears. Trying to be strong for you but also not having a single clue how I’m going to move forward. I’m crippled by grief and I just want to be with you..