“Coleen Ellis has become an instrumental member of our business team.   We have been working with Coleen for the past 3 years and she has undoubtedly taken our businesses to the next level.

Coleen possesses vast knowledge and skill in the areas of sales, marketing and operations.   Aside from keen business acumen, Coleen is passionate about pet loss and it shows in the quality of her work.  We would recommend Coleen to anyone seeking professional consulting services.”Sarit Dhupa &

Vivianne, Peaceful Paws Pet Cremations & Memorials

“Attending Coleen’s Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification course is a MUST for anyone in our industry.  Her topics and discussions are invigorating and the group provides an amazing networking opportunity.  This course has given me the tools to enhance my skills and provide “above and beyond” support to my pet families.  I plan on repeating the course periodically to energize myself so I don’t lose sight of what my purpose is for my pet families.”

Kim, Peaceful Pets, LLC

“The course provided a wide variety of information presented in an organized manner. I applied some of what I learned right away to help a client that was having a hard time dealing with her cat that was hit by a car the week before.  She also provided many resources that will be helpful in the future. Being able to network with veterinarians that do similar work was a nice bonus.  Colleen is very devoted to helping others deal with the loss of a pet as well as being someone that is fun to be around.  The course definitely met all my expectations.”

Dr. Beth Christensen

I am glad I attended the meeting, initially I did not know what to expect but I wanted to have an open mind moving forward.  It was great to meet people that were willing to share their experiences openly from different avenues of animal care (funeral directors, grief counselors, vet techs, pet parents, veterinarians).   The mixture of attendees provided a global approach to pet grief and really “opened my eyes” to how to improve the experience for pet parents as well as provide pet parents additional resources to manage through their grief.  Pam and I also enjoyed the architectural cruise so thank you for the recommendation.

Dr. Nancy Rodriguez

I was absolutely stunned with your kindness with my own struggle of the thought of losing my big boy Rex. It was awesome to know that someone did care even though nothing has happened yet. I also have found the perfect way to celebrate his life when it is time to lay him to rest. And even though I cry and blubber about the future passing of my best friend and first love I know that it is helping me prepare. I have attached a picture of him. And one day I will share my story with you about his life and how it changed mine. Thanks again.


Wow, all I can say is AWESOME!!!!  I loved every word on every page.  You did a fantastic job in allowing readers to see the REAL you – although to me there is really no substitution to meeting you in person and being warmed by your smile, your hug and your sincere interest in each and every person (human or furry) that you meet.

Judy Palin


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the outstanding training program you gave recently for our Vet Clinic partners.  The information you shared was very educational, enlightening as well entertaining!    The deep message you gave was taught in a way that we all could understand it and we could really feel the compassion you have for pet parents and assisting them through the grief process.    The Pet Loss Companioning makes so much sense, especially to clinic staff who have always struggled with how to help their grieving clients.  In a nut shell….. “you hit it out of the park” in my book and I can´t wait until you come back for the next session.

For The Love of All Pets,

Kevin R. Marcy

President/ CEO DreamLand Pet Memorial Center



“We brought Coleen Ellis into our Royal Oak, Michigan location to provide a continuing education seminar to the employees of the many veterinary clinics we serve.  This was the first time we had attempted something like this, and it was a resounding success due in no small part to Coleen´s fantastic message.  We received immediate positive feedback from the closet to 100 attendee´s and continue to receive comments as we encounter these clinic employees every day.  Coleen provided some great information that was valuable to all who attended.  I high recommend Coleen´s services if you wish to provide solid…worthwhile…real-world training.”

Tom Rood

Director of Market Development Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services

Royal Oak, MI – Charlotte, NC – Cincinnati, OH – Clifton, NJ




After a week of intense work with the Heartland Pet Cremation organization in St. Louis, MO, one of the team players, Jim Keys, and myself spent some time together debriefing our week as we traveled to the airport.  Hear from him, in his own words, the value that Two Hearts brought to his business this week – and well into the future,..

Thanks, Jim, Justin, Oliver, and John for a wonderful week!