They completely changed me. Really what I was but brought back to the forefront. Such funny rascals and never acted old. I adopted them from the shelter in Ann Arbor, Michigan when I went to work for a big corporation full time after graduating college. Two tiger brown tabby/bengal mixed kittens. Brothers. Companions. Took them with me to two different states with work then when I moved back home to Indiana. So loyal and always affectionate and playful. Heart disease came on for Custer in late 2009 but he pulled through. Changed my perspective and I was broken but grateful to still have him. Spring 2011, I wasn’t as fortunate with Bingo. Symptoms to goodbye was all in five days. It devastated me this sudden loss. Regrets of more time I could have spent with him, seeking answers about life after death, and trying to adjust to the absence. Custer grieved too. He slowed down and when going into the backyard alone he cried out. I found Coleen’s group nearby soon after and went from working through the loss, commemorating and sharing my beliefs and little signs and miracles telling me Bingo was OK. I moved away a few years later with Custer and as circumstances had it, I had him for four more wonderful years where I got to work mostly from home and he had a house with family and three other cats around to create a home full of life and love. He remained stable with his heart disease to 18-1/2 years old. Kidney disease was starting but then a quick cancer came and took him from me. From diagnosis to goodbye was about 10 days. I had more time and perspective and took the time I could to treasure him closely in those days just after Christmas. The Christmas season and music infused these final lessons with me. Kindness, Generosity, Forgiveness, Love, Wisdom… and balance of time. The “dash” goes so quickly. I have the hundreds of photos to prove it, but we have to slow down to savor our lives with them. I can’t wait to see them again, my dear and wonderful friends who marked my heart with their paw prints.

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