Dear Boys,
You are missed so very much! My life changed for the better when you each entered, and now my life will never be as joyous without you! Heavy hang the clouds without you, Carl and Eugene! You were not only my service animals, but you were literally my best friends!! ❤️❤️
I’m sorry that your lives were cut far too short and that I didn’t know you were sick. I blame myself every day for not possessing that knowledge! I grieve daily. I cry daily. I built you both a beautiful memorial garden with all your favorite things, your toys, blankets, chew bones, stuffies and more. I go there to find the only peace left on earth for me. But I still feel the huge void that your absence has left in me. My heart is forever broken and I’ll never be the same. But our hearts will forever be joined until He reunites us. I long for that day and I pray that I don’t have very long to wait.
You boys be good for Abba Father, play nice with others and look out for each another! I can’t wait to see you both again!!! 💛 ❤️ 💛
You were what got me through the darkest, lowest moments in my life and now I’m simply bereft and alone. It hurts so much every day & most people don’t understand why I cannot “get over it”. I cannot and I pray that I’m called Home soon, too. I will always miss you and love you! Thank you both for being my best friends, ESA and service animals. Thank you for saving my life, even though I couldn’t save either of yours!! I’m indebted to you both forever! I love you both more than chips and salsa!! 😍🥰😍 Your memories are the only reason I can still smile. I wish you could come back to me, because there’s no one on earth who can replace you!! 💔💔 You we’re my joy and blessings and this void will always remain. I’m grateful that you both are disease & pain free now! If allowed, ask Him to let you visit me in my dreams. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
I cannot wait to walk across that rainbow bridge to you both one day soon! It’s my only prayer now. 🙏🏻
Love always,
Your very heartbroken Momma!

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