My sweet Holly Mae passed on this past sunday on Christmas
She was hit by a car and she was suffering from a head trauma her injuries were so bad i had to make the decision to put her to sleep, the hardest decision of my life. She was my world, my bestfriend she followed me everywhere we always cuddled and gave kisses . I was so in love with her , she deserved the world , she was a princess and she was so excited when mommy would come home. When i walked in the room nobody else mattered . I adored her and she’s just gone so suddenly . she was an amazing dog . i loved her with my whole heart and soul . I have never had a friend like this one . she read my mind and i read hers i just hope she knows how sorry i am and how much i loved her .
Long Live my sweet Holly Mae
Gone but never forgotten
Mommy will never stop loving you Holly Mae
you were and still are everything and more to me

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