Incredibly Honored

We are incredibly honored to have Coleen working with Lap of Love since we began to expand nationwide. First directly with our doctors, and now with our entire support team of over 60 talented individuals on a biannual basis… she’s that valuable to us. I knew she had a gift the first time we met over 10 years ago. Her passion for people and the animals they love is apparent in everything she does! We wanted to share that passion with our compassionate interdisciplinary team and expose everyone, no matter their background, to Coleen’s unique way of understanding and communicating with pet parents. Now, years later, Coleen’s course remains one of the most anticipated weeks of the year at Lap of Love. Many of our employees wait a year or more to attend her sessions, which fill up quickly. Our team feels her course is “life-changing” and “essential for what we do.” We are proud to have Coleen on our team!

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